Best Books to Read in High School Before Graduation

Before you clear your high school studies, some books are worthy of reading. There is a lot of helpful content encrypted in literature work worthy of your time. As you aspire to grow your language and critical thinking, a book reading culture should be part of your academic journey. Unfortunately, searching for the most relevant books to read is not easy. You can waste much time jumping from one shelf store to another without successfully finding the very best literature pertinent to you.

After a thorough reading through some of the very best on book shelve, here are some of the books you should read before finishing your high school education.

To Kill a Mockingbird

If you need to read about essential themes that will shift your thinking and shape your perspective about life, grab this read. The book explains essential themes such as racial injustices, spiritual growth, morals, integrity, courage, life experiences, and innocence.

Nineteen Eighty-Four

High schoolers can take this book and experience several themes that open their minds to new life experiences. Every theme is creatively illustrated for the reader to explore and feel them from deep. Read the book and appreciate such themes like

  • Totalitarianism
  • Surveillance
  • State power
  • Nature of truth
  • Individual freedom and
  • The powerfulness of propaganda.

Lord of the Flies

The author creatively uses a tale of a child castaway who encounters a violent social order on an isolated island. From the read, the learner can appreciate a variety of themes such as governance and civilization, savagery, moral order, social, cruelty, injustice, and leadership.

Animal farm

The author uses this allegory in tracing information about soviet Russia. High schoolers can take this book and read about essential themes like:

  • State power
  • Totalitarianism
  • Mutuality
  • Individual freedom
  • The cult of personality, and
  • The power of propaganda.

Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye is a most popular novel that every high schooler should not miss a copy of the book. If they want to read from relevant themes that shape humanity and people’s life, this is the read to consider. The author of this book uses the notorious irrelevant teenager in bringing out primary themes such as identity and individuality, unreliable narrators, rebellion, social alienation, rule, and social issues.

The Grapes of Wrath

In this great novel, the author takes the reader through a journey of impoverished refuge as they move from westward to California. This book’s themes of interest include poverty and wealth, injustice, political policy, governance, and biblical themes such as redemption and judgment.

Invisible Man

The author uses white and black in the narration to firmly bring out the theme of race. Others themes for a reader to discover from the book includes race, racial injustices, identity, belief system, and ideology.

Read the book and enjoy the narration of a Spanish shepherd hoping to find his identity while traveling to Egypt. High school students can read about adventure, hope, courage, and destiny themes from the book.


The author narrates the devastating firebombing of Dresden’s Germany during World II. The learner can read the book and appreciate themes such as nonlinear narratives, existentialism, unreliable narrators, and the true nature of warfare.

The Great Gatsby

The author narrates about the idealist character and the nature of the American dream. The high school students can read the book and explore themes such as the Jazz Age, wealth and class, idealism, and American Dream.

The Bluest Eye

The blue eye is a unique novel that narrates a story of an abused African American who wished to have a blue look as a way of fighting for acceptance in a world dominated by a misconception of whites’ beauty. The book explains themes such as race, identity, injustice, beauty and ugliness, insanity, and the effects of abuse.

Of Mice and Men

The book narrates the story of two men with different intellectual abilities and their unlikely and tragic fate. Leaners can read and explore themes like character, cruelty, friendship, mercy, and loyalty.


The book presents a narration of the Scottish worrier who strives to be a king. He goaded to murder to equalize his dreams. The main themes include evil nature, ambition and power, chaos, insanity, and disorder.


Reading novels should be a culture of any high school student desiring to improve their critical thinking. The above books have relevant themes and language that meet the needs of high school students.

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