Homework in High School: Hints for Students in Struggle

Are you a high school student who is having trouble with your homework? Do you dread your homework every day because it takes up all of your energy to complete? Or are you tired of having to take the time out of the evening before bed to get everything done for the next day? This article will attempt to help you with all of your homework problems.

Most parents and students tend to forget that your homework can be a source of great stress for the typical student. Here are several tips that have assisted many students over the years:

  1. Prioritize your classes

Students tend to focus too much on one subject, which can cause the student to forget about their other classes. When you are tempted to spend hours working on one assignment for a certain class, remind yourself that your grade in that class does not depend on one assignment. In addition, keep your stress level at a minimum by working hard and doing your best, so you do not have to work late on an assignment or study more than necessary just before a big test.

List all the homework assignments for the day. Now rank them on the top of the list as urgent, then important, and finally as unimportant. Start with the ones at the top of your list and work your way down. By doing this, you can make sure that you will not have to worry about unfinished homework due tomorrow if any emergency arises. If you keep up with your homework, there should be no emergencies.

  1. Use a blue pen on a white paper

Like most other students, you have probably noticed that writing in blue ink is much easier to read and understand than writing in black or red ink. A blue paper on a white paper background can help read easily. It saves time and energy when trying to read your work over and over again.

  1. Take breaks

Establish how much you can do at one time with your homework. Make sure that you schedule a time to stop and play a game or have some fun. Once you have gotten involved in something else, it will be easier to focus strictly on completing your assignment for school. You can utilize the Pomodoro method to help you with your homework.

The Pomodoro system is a time organization strategy that utilizes a timer in splitting tasks into intervals of 25 minutes, separated with short breaks. These intervals are named “Pomodoros” (plural of “Pomodoro”), which are named after their inventor, Francesco Cirillo. The method explores the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

  1. Remove distractions

You must remove all distractions when you are trying to complete your homework. It will help you because then you will concentrate on what you are doing. If you have friends over to play a video game or watch TV, make sure they are not anywhere near you while working on your homework. Such will help you concentrate on your work and give you more time to do it. Declutter your desk area and make sure that there is no clutter around you.

  1. Start immediately you arrive home

As a student, waiting until the last minute to complete their homework can be detrimental. However, by starting right when you get home, you will relax and enjoy your time doing something else. In addition, you won’t worry about rushing through everything just before bed so you can get some sleep.

  1. Complete your homework while in school

Speaking from experience, doing homework during school is more beneficial than doing it outside of school. It is much more beneficial to do your homework in class than do it online at home or in your car. You will work in silence and privacy and not worry about distracting others.


Following these tips can help you keep your stress levels low and ensure that you are getting the most out of your homework assignments.

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