What Are the Benefits of Doing Homework?

Homework should be an exercise that helps a student improve their knowledge. Homework is part of the curriculum in any learning institution ranging from pre-school to university. The only difference is the naming. Lower levels call it homework while higher levels call it assignments. Homework, in general, helps you in becoming a better student. 


Homework is a bundle of extra work given by teachers to students to complete from home. Its main intention is to build a link between home and school. It enables the students to revise or read more on what they learned in class on a particular day. You may also term it a reviewing the day’s lessons.

Importance of homework

The main goal of homework is to improve the students’ skills and knowledge. Homework opens up a leeway for parents to involve themselves in their children’s education. The student can apply various skills in solving a single task. Some of the purposes of homework include the following:

  • Preparation
  • Practice
  • Parent-teacher communications
  • Personal development
  • Punishment
  • Public relations
  • Participation
  • Parent-child relations

What is the importance of homework? It is a popular question because nobody likes doing it. Take some time and do a little research in your school and get to learn the sentiments of your colleagues regarding homework. 

Doing your homework will teach you to work and read without any help, as you gain knowledge on how to utilize different resources. Such resources may include websites, books, documents, and libraries. Knowing how to handle them enables you to deal with challenges. It doesn’t matter how much you have learned in a day. Sometimes you might find your homework challenging.

Homework changes your learning environment from class to a different setting. It enables you to view different concepts from a different perspective. Here are some pointers to the many benefits of homework.

  • It enhances a student’s memory and thought.
  • It helps a student foster good study behavior and skills.
  • The child will be able to manage their time wisely.
  • Students will be able to work will little to no supervision.
  • Homework will teach a child how to be responsible for their school work.
  • The student will have time to practice and review their classwork.
  • Homework helps your child prepare or the following day.
  • Homework will push a student to explore resources such as computer databases, research materials, and libraries.
  • It helps the student cover an extended scope of a topic compared to what they are learning in class.
  • Students can expand their learning and apply new skills in new and different circumstances.
  • Parents can track and learn the progress of their children.
  • Lastly, the constant review of old and new material helps the students prepare for their exams and get good grades.

Why do teachers give homework?

  • Teachers assign homework with the following intentions for the students:
  • Develop excellent research skills to find, condense, and organize information.
  • Be able to use available resources, such as academic libraries.
  • Work independently, be productive, self- discipline, good time managers, and problem-solving skills.

Why should you do your homework?

Here are some reasons why you should do your homework:

  • It teaches you to be responsible and transparent in your learning
  • It allows you to collaborate well with parents, classmates, and friends.
  • It helps you on how to manage time and avoid procrastination.


It takes a collective effort for a child to be able to succeed in their education, with the key players being the child, the parent, and the teacher. Homework can be a determinant in how a child performs in school. From the above article, you now know the importance of homework and the positive impact it has on a student’s education. 

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